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Workshop by Alina Carp!!!

For me jewellery is a passion that started a long time ago, when I was just a little girl. It wasn't only the pleasure of admiring or wearing jewels, but also the joy of constructing them. Over the years I created my own adornments and when I grew up, I decided that one day I will go to follow this dream, to learn more about the making of this beautiful things. Despite my formation as a medical doctor, I always kept alive the passion and the creation of jewells, working by myself and experimenting with different materials and techniques.

After a while, when the time came, I started to study, first in Assamblage Jewellery School in Bucharest and then in Alchimia and Le Arti Orafe, both renowned schools in Florence. In these 3 European places I learned goldsmithing, casting, stone setting, resin, perspex, etc. I also learned about conceptual jewellery and how to create and present a coherent contemporary collection. In the latest years I participated in exhibitions in Europe and in Usa (Joya Barcelona, Autor, Gioielli in Fermento, Alliages Permanent, Sierraad, Sofa Chicago, etc ) and my creations were featured in several magazines and catalogues around the world. I was awarded with Autor Awesome Award in 2013 and I was appointed Autor Focus Designer in 2015.

Because I like teaching, I started in 2013 a colaboration with Assamblage for the workshops in resin and then I was invited to teach in Krama Institute starting with 2016. I am very happy and proud that among the students who enrolled in my workshops are so many incredibly talented girls who are highly appreciated as Contemporary Jewellery Designers and some of them even won international awards. Through my work I hope to achieve more than a material creation, but also a mental state of well being for my students, my audience and my self, cause creation is one of the best "nutrient" for the brain.

#τέχνη #seminar #art #contemporaryjewellery #κόσμημα #δημιουργία

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