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krama award

Daniella Saraya won at Autor Fair the krama Award and we finally met her! A very talented girl with a lot of possitive energy and a great way of thinking!!! The title of the workshop she attended was "Greek essences" Her research , the conversations, her way of working and finally the results were really inspired! So happy to meet you Daniella! Enjoy her work!

"Are we living on the surface? My first impression of Athens was very distant, there was a big gap between the historical stories I heard and my fantasies about the city, to the reality I found. I didn't understand the language, all the conversations around me become an abstract sound, and all the written words seemed to me only as unfamiliar shapes. As much as I wanted to enter the city, I remained standing on the outside surface. Slowly following the conversations with Yiannis and Poly I began to dig in, they gave me the opportunity to look at the city from a different and thought-provoking perspective and to get out of my familiar and safe place. The combination between their internal perspective as locals, and my external perspective as a stranger, allow us to reveal new layers of the place, reflected through multiple points of view. For me, the process resembled to an archaeological act, in which the initial thought- the surface layer- was broken, and opens the possibility of getting into the depth of things. In relation to the city, that archaeological action was not only conceptual, but also physical. The unique opportunity of walking around Athens, see and touch the previous layers of life, history and culture that lie beneath us. In this context, the thought about jewelry was also interesting. Like us, the jewelry supposedly lives on the surface of the body, creating a layer that separates the wearer and the person standing in front of him. But like my experience in Athens, by looking at the jewelry, touching them and searching for hidden details, they also open another entrance, different one, into the emotional and intimate world of the person behind them."

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